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At the moment I am unable to take commissions
I am part of a group of artists who sell their work in the collective gallery
Mondésir, L'Esprit Créatif
near Mont Saint Michel in France.
Mondésir gallery banner
link to Mondésir gallery facebook page. Gallery facebook page
I, or my work, can sometimes be found at exhibitions, craft fairs or other events.
Please check my calendar page for details. go to my calendar
Sometimes I have things for sale on one of my facebook pages.
My designs on other things:

On Redbubble - phone cases, laptop cases and skins, studio pouches, tee shirts, leggings, skirts, scarves, cushions, duvet covers, totes, drawstring bags, mugs, cards and prints...

On Zazzle - tee-shirts, aprons, coasters, mugs

On Spoonflower - fabrics and gift wrap.

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