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I was born in England in 1955, I spent most of my childhood in the north east of England, notably in Whitby, on the North Yorkshire coast. My mother was particularly interested in plants, and later in amphibians. My father was a geology lecturer, with a passion for fossils. This background helped me to develop my interest in nature. I was always interested in art too, and as a child began to associate the two by modelling animals in plasticine. I loved watching the animals around me - in the garden, or lost in the marvellous world of rock pools. I have always particularly liked the odd little brightly coloured animals I found around me. The insects, sea-slugs, salamanders, and so on. My other favourites are animals I find odd or amusing, like hippos. I moved to France in 1992, and live alongside a small river. It is with great pleasure that I have now created an official otter haven on my riverbanks.
golden toad
Golden toad
green and white cow
ceramic cow with brass wire
I have been a professional potter since 1979. A long time ago I started specialising in hand modelled animals. If I throw a pot on the potters' wheel, which is quite rare, I either transform it into an animal, or add one to it. I make lots of different types of animals, in all sorts of shapes and sizes, My animals tend to be either humoristic or full of tenderness, or both. I work with several different earthenware and stoneware clays, (white, red, black and brown, smooth or grogged) fired between 1000°C and 1280°C, and decorated with a large range of colours. Sometimes I associate the clay with other materials, for instance the brass and copper wire I use for my cows and silly birds but not much now as these materials are getting too expensive.
In 2003 I went to Ghana to work with sculptor Francis Boateng for several weeks. Our idea was to work together in order to better understand our cultural differences. There are too many conflicts in the world caused by misunderstanding and lack of knowlege. It was a wonderful experience, and we both learnt a lot. The contact continues.....
Jen Robinson and Francis Boateng
Francis and I
Working in Ghana
ronde d'hippopotames danseurs
Since I went cyclotouring in Africa in 1990 and 1991, where I saw hippos close up, I've been fascinated by them and adore making them. I have become a bit of a specialist in modelling these funny animals and am known in the world of hippo collectors as the very appropriaately named "Hippopottermiss".(hippo-potter-miss). I have a facebook page just for my hippos:
Hippopottermiss on facebook
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